Property Management


Teracon Property Management is a leader in real estate management. Our services are available to owners of all types of buildings in the Greater Montreal Area:

  • Industrial property management
  • Commercial property management
  • Office tower management
  • Retail building management
  • Residential property management

Teracon Property Management’s services are flexible, and each package is tailored to the client’s specific needs and objectives. This flexibility allows real estate owners who wish to retain the management of certain aspects of their real estate portfolio to find in Teracon Property Management a complementary partner where it counts.

Teracon Property Management’s mission is the same for all building projects, no matter the building type: to be a strategic partner in value creation. 

Peace of mind

Depending on your needs, property management services may include:

  • Seasonal and preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Calls for bids and weighting of submitted proposals
  • On-site building manager or technician
  • Contract and budget administration
  • Tenant and co-owner record keeping
  • Liaison with third parties
  • Monitoring of contracts, certificates and compliance
  • Liaison with tenants and handling of requests
  • Handling of losses and insurance claims
  • Lease negotiation
  • Lease and sublease management
  • Collection of rent, condo fees and operating expenses
  • Reception and supervision of subcontractors
  • Waste management
  • Vacancy advertising
  • Access control system management
  • Purchase of equipment and furniture for common areas
  • Tenant retention program
  • Preparation of board meetings and minutes writing
  • Corporate book updates
  • Insurance needs analysis and premium monitoring
  • Contingency fund analysis
  • Lease summaries and legal advice
  • Lease audits
  • Management of common area reservations
  • Parking management
  • Management of renovation, customization and expansion projects
  • Detailed accounting reports
  • Preparation of tenant moving schedules



Entrusting Teracon Property Management with your real estate needs allows you to reap the full benefits of property ownership without the hassle.