The services we offer range from management of operations to  management of emergencies.  

They include:

1 - Management of operations

  • Dedicated staff to communicate with clients;
  • Relationship building processes to ensure tenant satisfaction levels;
  • Implementation and reinforcement of building regulations and/or declaration of condominium ownership;
  • On-site attendance by the building manager and/or our road technicians;
  • All necessary purchases pertaining to the maintenance of the building and follow up on preventive maintenance with suppliers and contractors;
  • Going to tender and awarding and supervising contracts for major building repairs;
  • Ensuring the supervision of specific building staff according to the distribution of tasks;

2 - Financial management

  • Administer the billing and collection of all transcations;
  • Management of customer and supplier accounts; we ensure timely collections from the very start.  Thanks to our legal department, we offer you an effective collections service since we can undertake all judicial proceedings, including Rental Board requests as well as registrations of legal mortgages and of the Syndicate of co-owners for the unpaid joint charges;
  • Preparation and presentation of complete monthly financial reports;
  • Preparation and monitoring of annual budgets;
  • Preparation and analysis of cash flows;
  • Preparation of year-end files;
  • Any other customized financial reports

3 - Administrative management

  • Maintaining tenant and co-ownership registers 
  • Management of leases (see lease management)
  • Prepare schedules of tenant relocations
  • Ensure that proper insurance coverage is placed at favorable premium rates;
  • Maintaining and conforming with all Government authorities;
  • Handling all insurance claims;
  • Organizing property level board meetings to ensure proper communication;

4 - Management of Emergencies

  • For all our clients we have established an emergency proceedure which runs 24/7.